What do others say about Partners in Training

Clare is an incredibly kind and compassionate person with an abundance of knowledge of science-based force free training. Highly recommend!

Abbey Leach

Clare is a wonderful, talented dog trainer with a fountain of knowledge. She's determined and compassionate and is an amazing trainer.

Olivia Pasiolli

Clare is a wonderful trainer. She is very well versed in many areas of training - specifically reactivity. She is very knowledgeable and patient with animals as well as owners. She also has a great passion and ability to teach! Clare has a very upbeat and positive personality that will always allow you to feel comfortable. Highly recommended!! Great positive reinforcement trainer!

Bree Revit-Lang

Clare has a natural passion for teaching. Animals and people are both able to benefit from her positive outlook, and determination not to give up.
I have been honoured to watch her work. As a fellow professional trainer I always look forward to discussing behaviours and getting her input.
I’m always happy and confident to pass out Clare’s information. I know the people and the animals I refer will get the absolute best service and care

Nina Brochu-McLaughlin

Through Clare’s compassion and expertise, I was able to manage my leash reactive dog, and successfully introduce a second puppy to my home with minimal issues! I contribute all of this success to Clare and her incredible training and support! Managing challenges with your resident pup can be overwhelming, stressful and discouraging, but through Clare’s tutelage, I was able to have fun with my pup, and reach a place where both her and I could remain calm and happy on our walks! Clare is this doggy family’s hero, and I strongly recommend her to anyone!!

Sally Johnson

I've spent the last 5 months volunteering as an assistant to Clare in puppy training classes, and I couldn't ask for anyone better to learn from! Dogs are her life, and the knowledge, patience, and understanding she shows while working with each dog and their owner always shines through. Anyone would be lucky to have Clare care for their dog, or any other animal!

Brita M

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