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Bringing Home an Adult Rescue?

Thank you for rescuing! Bringing home an adult dog will go so much more smoothly with a little preparation. Click HERE to see available options

Got an Anxious or Scared dog at Home?

Does your dog hide and cower at the sight of new things or people. Let me help your anxious dog feel more confident. Click HERE for options

Presentations on Dog Body Language

Presentations available to Vet Clinics, Schools, Childcare Facilities etc. Click HERE for further information

Bringing Home a New Puppy?

A new Puppy is so very exciting! Let us set you and your family up for longe term success. Click HERE to see available options

Got a Reactive Dog? 

Got a dog who barks and lunges on their leash at the sight of other dogs or people? Maybe they are growling at family members or protecting their things. Click HERE for options to an easier life with your reactive dog.

Need Help With Basic Manners?

Maybe you just want to brush up on a behaviour or two, or you are starting from No manners at all, I can help. Click HERE for options available

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