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I have had the good fortune to work for with dogs in a shelter setting, for the last 4 years. In addition to my shelter work, Partners in Training has been seeing private training and behaviour clients for the last 15 months for a variety of training and behaviour challenges.

I have worked with many varieties and sizes of dogs, and written behaviour change and training plans for many dogs with a variety of behavioural challenges. I have taught dog classes (obedience and reactivity) , worked with fearful and reactive dogs and taught puppy and adolescent dog classes.


I have also presented seminars to a large base of volunteer and foster parents on subjects such as resource guarding, dogs and new babies, canine and feline body language, and how animals learn and how best we can teach them, while building a strong and trusting relationship.


I have also made media appearances (television and radio) with adoptable animals, on local Calgary News Stations, and taken my own animals on the sets to be able to demonstrate training concepts and good animal husbandry practices.

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