Basic Manners - Levels 1/2/3

Maybe all your dog needs is to learn a new baheviour or two or maybe they need to learn a whole lot of manners, whatever the need, I have got you covered. Choose these options if your challenges are things like

Jumping all over furniture and guests

Pulling on the leash

Digging in the yard

Stealing food from the counters

Not coming back when called

The basic manners packages can either involve you doing the training with me coaching, or me doing the heavy lifting for you and taking on the bulk of the training through my day training programe.

The sorts of behaviours that can be taught in this programe are

Sit/Stand/Come when called/Down/Stay/Got to your mat/Leave it/Walk Nicely on a leash

Basic Manners

Level One -$175.00 (2x 1 hour sessions)

Level Two - $225.00 (3x 1 hour sessions)

Level 3 - $350.00 (4x 1 hour sessions)

Which level to choose ? Drop me a line and let me know what you need and we can discuss options. No pressure, just honest information.

Payment is accepted by credit card, email transfer or PayPal

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