Scared or Anxious Dogs - A gentle and educated approach

Specific challenges with fearful or anxious dogs, require a different approach than just training behaviours. With anxious dogs, we must work to change the way the dog FEELS, before we can change behaviour. The first step, if you are facing these challenges, is to schedule an inital consultation. At the time of the consultation (see below), we will discuss our next steps You can either work with me as I coach you how to train your dog, or I can do the bulk of the training for you in my day training program.

Cost varies dependent on issues to be worked on, but will usually average between 6- 8 sessions of 1 hour each. More severe cases may take longer to resolve, while less intense fear may be resolved in fewer sessions.

6 Sessions $600.00

8 Sessions $800.00

(plus cost of consultation $150.00)

Inital Consultation

During this 60-90 minute session, you will get

- An understanding of how dogs learn 

- strategies that can help RIGHT NOW

- a plan going forward 

- a follow up training recommendation


The cost for an initial consult is $150.00 and is payable at time of booking the consultation. 

Payment is accepted by credit card, email transfer or PayPal

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