Pre Adoption 


If you plan on adoptiong from a shelter or rescue, and would like an independent assessment of your potiental dog to see if you would be a good match, I can help by visiting the dog with you before adoption and performing an assessment which comes with a written follow up, a video of the assessment, and recommendations.

(Includes shelter or rescue visit and written follow up)


Welcome Home Package

During the pre adoption visit, we discuss the best dog types for your lifestyle, bringing an adult dog into a new home, house training establishment and helping set everyone up for success when bringing an adult dog into your home. The post adoption visit will address any issues that may have arisen, and basic training suggestions to help your dog settle into their new home.

2 (90 minute) sessions


Take your new dog on a lifetime training journey

Once your newly adopted dog has completed the Welcome Home package, you are entitled to receive a 20% discount on any subsequent training services for the lifetime of your dog. Training is a journey, and I would love to be on the journey with you.

Payment is accepted by credit card, email transfer or PayPal

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